Aluminium sliding doors are a popular choice amongst homeowners as a way of maximising space and connecting indoor spaces with the outdoors. They offer a modern design that blends well with any interior decor scheme and can be customised to suit your individual preferences. Sliding doors are simple and easy to use with a push-and-pull mechanism. They can be easily separated or joined depending on usage, providing a more convenient solution for space maximisation and creating a stylish aesthetic that is suitable for any home.

They are made from aluminium alloy, which is known for its strength, lightweight properties and resistance to corrosion. This means that they can withstand harsh natural environments and provide excellent performance for an extended period of time. They also feature weatherstripping elements to minimize leakage and help maintain a comfortable temperature inside your property.

The aluminium frame can be powder coated with a wide range of colours and textures, allowing you to create a door that complements the rest of your home’s décor. They are also available in woodgrain finishes for a more traditional look that is low maintenance. You can even choose double or triple glazing, depending on your energy efficiency needs.

There are many different styles of aluminium sliding doors to choose from, including bifolding doors and lift and slide doors. You can select from a wide variety of panel sizes and configurations, glass options (including tinted or textured), handles and locking mechanisms, and other customisation options.

When choosing an aluminium sliding door, be sure to ask about their fabrication and manufacturing processes. It’s important to know where the extrusions are made and who makes them, as this can have a significant impact on quality and durability. Also, be sure to inquire about the warranty coverage and guarantees that they offer.

The Schuco ASE 60 aluminium bifolding door is widely considered to be the best in the market for its engineering, design and brand kudos. It is slimmer and more attractive than similar doors, and it has a number of features that make it stand out, such as the interlocking system that allows for wider openings. It’s also available in a range of colours and finishes, and the powder coating provides extra protection from harsh environmental conditions such as salty air and rain. This is especially useful if you live in an area where these factors are common. This makes the ASE 60 an ideal choice for coastal properties.