aluminium front doors

Aluminium front doors are a great option for homeowners looking to upgrade their homes. These doors are incredibly popular as they can be made to measure, meaning they’re perfect for any home. They’re also highly customisable, allowing homeowners to choose the colour, style and other features that best suit their aesthetic.

They offer a host of benefits, from being extremely durable to boasting excellent thermal efficiency. They can withstand harsh British weather, and they’re also not vulnerable to insects or deterioration from mildew or water. They are also more affordable than other options, and they’ll likely last for decades before needing a replacement.

The material from which aluminium front doors are constructed is sustainable and environmentally friendly, as it can be recycled over and over again without polluting the environment. This is a big benefit for those wanting to have the ultimate green front door, as it helps keep their carbon footprint low.

There are many different aluminium front doors to choose from, ranging from contemporary styles that exude minimalism, to traditional designs that reflect heritage influences. They can be tailored to suit every property aesthetic and can be paired with other aluminium products, including bifolding doors, sliding doors, windows and more.

One of the biggest benefits of aluminium front doors is their durability. The material is stronger than both PVCu and composite doors, and it’s often reinforced with steel. This helps to protect the door from any intruders or adverse weather conditions, ensuring your family is safe and sound inside your home.

They’re also a lot lighter than PVCu or composite front doors, which reduces the amount of stress on the hinges and frame. This means they’re easier to operate and maintain, as well as helping to improve energy efficiency in the home.

If you’re planning on having an aluminium front door installed, it’s essential that you use a FENSA approved installer. This will ensure that the project is carried out to the highest standards and complies with building regulations.

Measuring up an aluminium front door is a tricky job, so it’s important to leave the installation process to an expert. Using an inexperienced installer could lead to damage to the structure and reduce the lifespan of the product.

One of the most common issues with aluminium front doors is that they can sometimes develop a build up of moisture between the different components. This can lead to them rubbing against each other over time, which in turn leads to jamming and reduced efficiency. This can be easily avoided by lubricating the parts regularly with a suitable product. This will not only reduce the build up of moisture, but it will also keep your aluminium front door looking like new for years to come.