Aluminium windows are a versatile option for homeowners seeking a sleek and modern window. They are able to provide a wide range of features that improve comfort, security and energy efficiency. They also offer a number of aesthetic options, including different colours and finishes. Some systems are manufactured in-house while others use components made by specialist manufacturers. It is therefore important to check where the critical parts of your aluminium windows are made.

Aluminium is highly durable and has excellent weather resistance, allowing it to last a long time without the need for any regular maintenance. It is less likely to swell, warp or crack in comparison with other materials such as timber and PVCu. This makes them an ideal choice for coastal properties or areas where the climate is particularly harsh.

Unlike timber or PVCu, aluminium can be used untreated and bare, although many homeowners prefer to paint their aluminium windows in order to protect them from the elements. It is also a much more fire-resistant material, helping to prevent the spread of flames from one area of the property to another. This is particularly important in older buildings where the spread of fire can be a serious risk.

In addition to their durability, aluminium windows are relatively easy to keep clean and maintain. They do not require any periodic or annual painting like other materials, and can be simply wiped down with a damp cloth to keep them looking good. They are also much less prone to rust and corrosion than other materials such as timber or PVCu.

If you want to maximise the appearance of your aluminium windows, most systems come prefinished in a choice of RAL colours. This means that they can be matched to any colour scheme and will look great in any type of property. This also makes them an ideal choice for homes which are undergoing refurbishment or renovation and are seeking to give the building a fresh new look.

Many aluminium windows are available with a choice of extras, such as handles and accessories. These help to increase security and add a personal touch. It is important to note that these extras can significantly affect the cost of your new aluminium windows.

When fitted with an appropriate glazing combination, aluminium windows can be made very energy efficient. This means that they will keep heat inside your home and prevent it from escaping, thus cutting your energy bills.

Depending on the type of glazing you choose, your aluminium windows can also be made to reduce condensation between panes of glass. This is very important, especially in areas of the home such as bathrooms where moisture can build up. This can cause damage to the surface of your glazing and can lead to mould growth. A good quality double glazed unit will be sealed tightly and have an inert gas such as argon between the panes. This will help to prevent condensation and prevent mould from growing.